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Season of Gratitude Week 3: Bread!

by Elisa Bruno-Midili 11/16/2022

Season of Gratitude week 3 focuses on and celebrates bread and the bakers making a difference in the Hudson Valley. These bakers are dedicated to their craft and use local, organic grains and sourdough starter.

Bread, the staff of life is an important part of many cultures as it sustains and nourish the people. Our local bakers are going back to using ancient grains and methods to produce a most delicious product.

Baguettes, levain, brioche, sourdough,  country loaf, focaccia, miche and so much more!  We are grateful for these amazing bakers and how they foster community through their craft!

Pick up a loaf today!

LMNOP Bakery

Signal Fire Bread

The Hudson Oven

Freshly Baked Bread Co


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