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A basic guide to reviewing mortgage lenders

by Elisa Bruno-Midili 11/20/2023

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Before purchasing your home, you may find yourself searching in the market for mortgage loans. Finding a good mortgage lender can help you solidify the funding needed to secure a home and can help to simplify some aspects of the homebuying journey. 

How does a mortgage work?

So, what exactly is a mortgage? A mortgage is a loan with terms often ranging from 10 to 30 years in which a borrower is awarded financing to purchase a residential property. Monthly payments of a mortgage loan go towards the principal balance, mortgage insurance, property tax and interest rates. 

Tell me the minimum credit score required for a home loan?

On average, many mortgage lenders offering conventional loans require a credit score of at least 620 to demonstrate good credit history. Loan types such as FHA loans do allow borrowers to qualify with lower credit scores; however, this often comes with higher interest rates and a larger down payment requirement. 

If you’re in need of a larger mortgage, you may be considering applying for jumbo loans. Due to the higher amount of financing being borrowed, the average credit score needed to qualify for a jumbo loan is around 700. 

Review methodology

As you compare and review different mortgage lenders and loan types, there are a few great factors to consider to narrow down your search: 

  • Do they offer lower interest rates? 
  • Do they have good costume reviews regarding communication and integrity? 
  • What fees do they charge in connection with taking out a loan? 
  • Do they have local servicing? 

By reviewing your credit history and doing research on

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